About Us

VoguePay Digital (VPD) is a digital financial bank services app by VoguePay, a payment solution services company located in the UK and with operational offices in Nigeria and the EU. Founded in 2012, VoguePay has fast become a leading payments solution company not just in Nigeria but across five continents (Africa, North America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia).

We believe financial services should not limit business and individual potential regardless of regional boundaries. A true millennial ’s bank will need to tackle the complex dynamics between diaspora and the African financial services market, in order to capitalise on the growing market needs. And to maintain our culture of continous improvement of our services, introduction of new features, maintenance and upgrading of existing features and striving towards maximum satisfaction of our users with ease of user navigation.

The dream and passion of our founders to unify African Payments and bridge it with the global commerce market has turned out to be a global financial technology company enabling businesses, traders and consumers safely recieve online and cross-currency payments.

Following several accomplishments and global recognitions in the payment space, and having being able to meet the unique needs of our over 2million users, VoguePay birthed a digital financial services application, the VoguePay Digital (VPD).

VPD is a financial services lifestyle application that offers you access to banking, credit and mortgage services across the globe. VPD helps you save while you make your regular expenses because you literally get up to 3% cashback into your cashbox on every transaction on VPD.

Are you travelling abroad and worried about your local currency conversions? VPD also enables ease of conversion of currencies when you roam to enable your lifestyle of online shopping and more.

Ever wondered how you can receive money from your clients or relatives abroad? Your VPD account is a solution as it empowers you to receive payment and transfers in any currency and receive in your local bank account. Open a bank account today on VPD irrespective of your location and access local investments opportunities across any market

VPD is the new way of living. The banking choice for the smart and new generation. A lifestyle banking app.